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  • $50.00
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Looking for a unique gift idea? Surprise your recipient with a grow-it-yourself gourmet mushroom kit! Nearby Naturals mushroom grow kits make great gifts. If they are not the grower-type, we have a selection of pantry stable, ready to use mushrooms as well!

Worried your recipient might not be able to use their gift before the box's expiration date? No problem. You don't have to send an actual grow box, simply send them one of Nearby Nature's mushroom grow kit gift cards. 

A mushroom kit gift card makes good sense for a lot of reasons. It allows the recipient to choose exactly what variety of mushroom they want to grow when they're ready to grow them.

If your recipient has no experience growing mushrooms, don't worry. All of our mushroom grow kits are designed with the beginner in mind. Anyone can grow mushrooms with our easy to set up grow kits. Everything they need is included in the kit.  

The gift card is an email voucher that can be printed immediately after purchase at home, or forwarded to the recipient via email. (For environmental purposes we will not be printing or shipping physical gift cards.) The voucher can be used for the price of the grow kits and shipping as well.

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