Dried Matsutake Mushrooms

Dried Matsutake Mushrooms

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Wild foraged Matsutake Mushrooms, dried!

(Tricholoma magnivelare)

Found growing most commonly under pine and fir trees in the pacific northwest, Matsutake is a rare seasonal fungus famous for its clean and spicy (but not peppery) smell and taste. A delicacy in Japan, matsutake is a prominent mushroom due to its rarity, unique flavor profile, and cultural significance. 

In the kitchen, matsutake is a powerhouse of flavor, so use it sparingly! Soak in warm water for about 20 minutes or until fully rehydrated. Strain and store under a damp paper towel. Known for its firm texture, this mushroom makes a perfect feature in simple dishes such as matsutake gohan, or as an additional flavor component to your favorite chicken dishes and broths. Pickle it to create a delicious relish, cut into small pieces and serve in a lettuce wrap, or use as a topping for added texture! 

These mushrooms were harvested here in the USA in the 2020 season. Each package is marked with the state of origin (sorry, can’t tell you where the secret spots are!)

Two Ounces of dried mushrooms is equivalent to roughly 1 lb fresh mushrooms.

Be careful when trying new foods as some folks may have allergies they are not aware of. Its best to try small amounts of new foods and see how your body reacts before stuffing your face!

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