4 Kit Bundle

Tasty mushrooms grown in your own home, it doesn't get much fresher (or prettier!) than that! 

Each kit will yield 3-6 harvests, 2-4 lbs of mushrooms total, with proper care.

Everything you need to grow mushrooms in mere days is included!

This new bundle features all 4 of our flagship varieties for a discount.

Enjoy Pink, Gold, Blue and Lion's Mane all in one go!

We love this bundle because it's a great way to observe the many differences in growth, cooking, and flavors between the varieties, and figure out which you love the most. 

The different varieties grow at slightly different paces, so you'll have a few days in between harvests to plan your meals!

This is especially great for groups of 2-4 people. Assign varieties to each person and compare results at the end! Who's the best mushroom grower in your family?