Gift Card


Remote gifting? Not sure if the recipient will start their grow kit within the suggested time after receiving?

Grab them a gift card and we'll ship them a fresh grow kit of their choice- whenever they are ready for it!

This option is perfect if you're not 100% sure which variety they would prefer, or if you don't want to burden them with a bulky box on their way home from a holiday gathering. 

The voucher can be used for the price of the grow kits and shipping as well. 

For environmental purposes we will not be printing or shipping plastic cards. 

This is an email voucher that can be printed immediately after purchase at home, or forwarded to the recipient via email.

 (The $400 option allows enough credit for purchase of one of each of our Grow kit varieties--including all beginner kits and all intermediate kits- Gift cards can be redeemed one kit at a time to allow for up to 10 months of continual mushroom growing!)