Pioppino Jumbo Kit

Pioppino Mushrooms, grown right on your countertop!

(Pioppino, Brown Swordbelt, Poplar Mushroom, Agrocybe aegerita)

💦Spray bottle and video instructions included. Just add water!

🌿USDA certified organic

👌🏻Easy to grow for all ages

🍄Produces 2-4 lbs of tasty Pioppini mushrooms

🇺🇸100% made in America, ships from America

Growing/Care: This variety prefers temps between 60-78. To begin, simply place the grow bag on your countertop and watch them grow! Seriously! Thats it!

Once the baby mushrooms form, mist a couple times a day (with the included mister) until you're ready to harvest. The whole process takes about 2 weeks, then you're ready to start the process again. You can expect at least 2 harvests from these Pioppino kits. So far the record is 6😊

Cooking/Eating: Pioppini are a velvety, decadent addition to many dishes. Use as a side, a substitute for the common button mushroom, or incorporate into your favorite risotto and meat recipes to reach new depth in flavor. They have a nutty, hearty flavor reminiscent of chestnuts- especially when cooked in butter. Despite their delicate appearance, these mushrooms can maintain their wonderful, almost crunchy texture even in long-cooked meals such as stews. This is a chef favorite! 

 Happy Growing!😊🍄

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