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Coral Tooth Grow Kit
Coral Tooth Grow Kit
Coral Tooth Grow Kit
Coral Tooth Grow Kit

Coral Tooth Grow Kit

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Grow your own Coral Tooth mushrooms. Mist and harvest!

An interesting and rare variety with a pinkish hue.

(Yields 2-4 Lbs)

Enjoy amazingly fresh mushrooms at home. A very simple process that will most likely turn into your new favorite hobby!

Coral Tooth (Comb Tooth, Hericium coralloides)

Flavor/Texture: mild, meaty, hint of black pepper

Offers the same medicinal properties as Lion's Mane and is considered a “natural nootropic”. While this variety is commonly foraged in the midwest, it is not often cultivated or offered on a wholesale level. Enjoy this rarity at home! 

A farmer's market favorite due to its light pink hues and coral-like spines, Coral tooth also boasts numerous culinary possibilities. Pull them apart to use for vegan crab cakes, or throw it into your favorite pasta dish. 


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