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Dried Cordyceps Mushrooms

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USA grown  Cordyceps militaris fruitbody-- dried (28 servings)

Cordyceps are an amazing mushroom most notably used to support energy, stamina, libido, and immunity.

World renown athletes such as Michael Jordan and Wang Junxia famously attribute some of their successes to Cordyceps mushrooms. 

Cordyceps first hit the American headlines during the Beijing Olympic games (1993) when a few Chinese runners demolished various world records and credited their wins to consuming Cordyceps mushrooms.

These Cordyceps are grown on Californian brown rice, American bees' honey, vegan nutritional yeast, and reverse osmosis filtered water. 

Dried low and slow to tea-dry; at 95~99f for 26~30 hours to preserve as much active ingredients in Cordyceps and for longer term storage.

Up until just a couple of years ago, USA grown Cordyceps didn't exist! We can now enjoy the benefits of this mycological powerhouse without sourcing questionable quality specimens from overseas. 

Cordyceps are notoriously hard to find in the wild as they often grow in single strands. 

Use about .5 grams per serving to make tea or add it to broths, stocks, coffee etc. 

Co-Founder of Nearby Naturals, Sam, prefers to make a weekly batch of what he calls "Cordy Cubes". Steep your Cordyceps in hot water and then freeze your strong tea into an ice cube tray. Use these cubes as perfectly decocted units to add to your morning smoothie!


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