Fungtional Fundamentals Bundle

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This bundle contains the 3 most-loved functional mushrooms, packed with beneficial micronutrients, some of which are not normally found in other foods. Create fancy mushroom beverages or keep it simple by adding right in your coffee or tea. They can also be ground with coffee beans to create convenient, premixed mushroom coffee. 

[Contains enough mushrooms for one month of daily use, subscribe for 20% savings and a steady stream of high quality wellness mushrooms!]

Fungtion, Origin, and Flavor
-Chaga for antioxidants and immune support (Foraged/Canada)
Said to be the most antioxidant rich “food” in the world with 1,362 times more antioxidants than blueberries!
[Woody, mushroomy aroma and a rich, chocolatey, pleasantly bitter flavor]

-Cordyceps for energy and libido (Cultivated/Pennsylvania)
Used by famous athletes to enhance their athletic performance and energy levels. It is also a natural aphrodisiac. 
[Pleasant buttered-popcorn aroma and a very delicate earthy flavor]

-Lion's Mane for focus and anti-anxiety (Cultivated/Florida)
"The smart mushroom"or "the focus mushroom"-- possibly the most popular functional mushroom and a staff favorite!
[Mildly chocolatey, toasted bread aroma and a delicate earthy flavor.]

When it comes to wellness, mushrooms have so much to offer. This bundle will cover the bases and set you well on your way to experiencing the many benefits of Kingdom Fungi.

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