Lion's Mane Powder

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100% Lion's Mane mushroom finely ground for convenient daily use. 

Why Lion's Mane?
Lion's Mane aka "the smart mushroom"or "the focus mushroom", is possibly the most popular functional mushroom. 

This Lion's Mane is the simplest, cleanest, most ethically sourced Lions Mane mushroom on the market. 

Grown in north Florida, hand harvested, air dried, and ground to a fine powder, you don't have to worry about any any additives, fillers, or sketchy powders shipped from overseas.

This powder is 100% pure Lion's Mane fruiting body (the actual mushroom, not the mycelium and grains that other companies use!)

The owners of Nearby Naturals are farmers themselves and have been making this powder for their own use for several years. We're so excited to finally offer it!

Add about a teaspoon to any hot drink (coffee, tea, bone broth, or just plain hot water) and stir, simple as that! 

One jar contains 20 servings.

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