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Grow Kit FAQ

What makes your mushroom grow kit different from the other brands on Amazon or at the Big Box home improvement stores?

Our kits are of commercial mushroom growing size and quality, they are the same grow bags that we use at our farm to produce high quality gourmet mushrooms for fine dining restaurants all over Florida. They are made to order and timed properly. They don’t sit in a warehouse or stock room for months, we don’t use preservatives, and there’s no substrate soaking necessary. Our blocks are about 3 times the size and yield of other home kits.

We also include a built in humidity tent with the kit. This will ensure that your mushrooms won’t dry out and your kit will actually produce the mushrooms you’re expecting! It comes with a guarantee. If you’ve followed the instructions and you don’t get mushrooms, we’ll replace it and pay for shipping.


How many harvests and what yield will I get from the kit?

All of the kits will yield 2-4 lbs (sometimes more if you’re lucky) over the course of 2-4 harvests. Each harvest yields less and less until the organism has absorbed all of the nutrients from the substrate and converted them into mushrooms. Once the grow kit is “spent” it makes a great additive to soil for gardening. You may even get some mushrooms from your garden bed!


What is the growing medium?

We use the industry standard for high quality mushroom production. Its a recipe called “masters mix” coined by a grower out of Missouri. It is oak dust and soybean hulls. We use whole oats for the spawn.



How should I store the mushrooms after harvesting?

Ideally, they prefer a paper bag in the fridge. A cardboard box or wrapping them loosely in a dish towel will work as well, just avoid solid plastic and non- breathable materials for storage.



Do I need to wash my homegrown mushrooms before cooking them?

No! Please do not do this, it makes the mushrooms waterlogged. Mushrooms grown indoors are free from things you would need to wash off of outdoor mushrooms. Simply brush off any substrate that may have found its way on to the shrooms.


Oops! I cut it on the wrong side, what now?

You’re fine! There’s no such thing as a “wrong side”. We say to cut it on the “top” side because that’s how it fits best within the humidity tent/box. Just keep it moist and humid and you’ll have mushrooms.


How can I help my kit continue to grow after the first harvest?

The mushrooms will produce a second, third, fourth, even fifth harvest if you are good about keeping them moist. The reason we suggest cutting such a small fruiting hole in the bag is to make sure you keep as much of that moisture within the bag.

If you see some baby mushrooms popping up for the second flush but they are trapped underneath the plastic, you can let them free and do your best to cover up/tape the original fruiting hole.

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