Happy Growing!

These instructions are applicable to the Beginner kits only. Our "jumbo" kits come with a QR code and separate instructions. 

Included in your package:

  • 1 bag of organic, sterilized substrate and mushroom mycelium.
  • 1 piece of plastic sheeting (this will act as a humidity tent)
  • 1 misting bottle
What you’ll need:
  • Tape
  •  Sharp clean knife
  • A couple of ounces of tap water

Site selection:
Mushrooms need 4 things in order to grow properly; light, humidity, proper temperature, and air exchange.

  • You’ll only need about a cubic foot of counter space and temperature between 55 and 75 degrees.
  • The built-in humidity tent and the misting will take care of their moisture requirements.
  • Normal indoor lighting is fine, they’re not picky about lumens or UV. Most of our customers put them on their kitchen counter. Turning the light off at night is not an issue. 
  • Make sure they’re not cooped up in a cabinet or elsewhere with stagnant air

Set Up: (about 2 minutes)
  • Open the box right side up, remove the grow bag without breaking apart the substrate inside. 
  • Tuck the excess of the bag tightly underneath while placing it back in the box. The mushrooms will grow from any surface of the block that has access to air and light, so it does not matter which side is facing up for it to grow
  • Cut an X in the plastic about 2.5-3 inches. 
  • Stand up the box flaps, drape the humidity barrier, and secure with a couple of small pieces of tape.
  • Mist the area under the X cut in the bag. Spritz the substrate, grow-bag plastic, and underside of the humidity barrier

Continued care:

  • Continue misting 2 times a day. Use about a half-teaspoon of water per misting session. 
  • The mycelium will form baby mushrooms or “pins” within two weeks. Once they have “pinned” they will grow quite quickly from there and will be ready in 3-8 days depending on variety and temperature.
  • As soon as the baby mushrooms form, remove the humidity tent and tape down the flaps of the box to promote more airflow. 

Later Care--Blue, Gold, and Pink Oyster

-Continue misting the baby mushrooms directly and lightly around the bag to promote humidity

-Oyster mushrooms grow extremely quickly, don’t blink! They should be ready to harvest in roughly 4-5 days after pinning. 

-You’ll want to harvest your oyster mushrooms before the caps begin to flatten out.

-To harvest, simply grab the cluster firmly by the base and twist/rock it back and forth until it pops right off.

-Remove any leftover mushroom material from the fruiting hole.

-Mist the fruiting hole and re-erect the humidity tent.

-Start back at the “continued care” section and repeat!

-You can expect a couple of harvests that decrease in size each time.

-The average amount of harvests for the oysters is 2.5, but customers regularly report up to 6 harvests per kit.


Later Care--Lions Mane

  • Continue misting your baby mushrooms, but not directly. Leave some distance between the spray bottle and the mushroom to avoid soaking it. About 2 feet of distance does the trick!
  • Direct misting can cause some yellowing/browning.
  • Your mushrooms will grow quickly from the pinning stage. You can expect them to be ready to harvest in just about a week.
  • You’ll notice as it reaches full size it will start to form “hairs”
  • You’ll want to harvest the mushroom when the hairs reach about 1/8 of an inch long.
  • To harvest, grab the whole cluster/mushroom and twist/ rock back and forth until it pops right off.
  • Remove any leftover mushroom material from the fruiting hole
  • Mist the fruiting hole and re-erect the humidity tent.
  • Start back at the “continued care” section and repeat! •You can expect a couple of harvests that decrease in size each time. The average is 2.5 harvests, but customers regularly report up to 6 harvests per kit.
  • After your kit is spent, you can compost the substrate or mix it into a garden bed. Plants love it and you may even get some more mushrooms!

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