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We provide bulk cases of super fresh mushrooms to restaurants, grocery stores, and hotels across the state of Florida. Our quality and service is unmatched, our terms are flexible, and our prices are among the lowest in the state. We offer 10 lb. cases and retail portions of mixed and single species. We self distribute to ensure the highest quality product and service.
We are also capable to wholesaling fresh or dried wild domestic mushrooms sourced from our certified forager friends in Oregon, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Michigan, and Montana.
We'd love to supply you, please do not hesitate to reach out to our head of wholesale. 
Summer 2020 varieties (harvesting fresh daily):

Coral Tooth   Lions Mane    Blue Oyster    Pioppino    Gold Oyster

(In Late June we expect to begin harvesting bulk Shiitake consistently.)

We also rotate through another 4-5 varieties to keep our mixed boxes interesting. We can set up production for your needs and are capable of scaling quickly.

Pictured below- Our 10 lb. fresh mushroom boxes


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