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"Why not give them more surface area to grow from?"

These mushrooms are clustering mushrooms. In order to get nice dense clusters, the mushrooms should be forced through a smaller hole. This produces higher quality mushrooms and a smaller unusable portion or "root". Also, keeping the majority of the substrate covered protects it from airborne contaminants and drying out. Opening the bag more than the faceplate allows will only reduce your overall yield and make it harder to get subsequent harvests.

"Why cut an X?"

The X shape leaves behind the flaps which creates a perfect little microclimate for baby mushroom formation. They love to form in the little nook between the plastic and the substrate.

"What kind of water should I use?"

If you consider your tap water potable, you can use that. Otherwise you can use spring or distilled water.

"What is the humidity tent for? "

This built-in humidity tent makes a nice little environment for the baby mushrooms to form. Without this tent, mushrooms are prone to drying out before they reach a few days old.

"How much should I mist them?" 

Use about a teaspoon of water per misting session. If you see puddles accumulating, you’re misting too much. All of the moisture that the mushroom needs is already inside the bag. You just want to maintain that moisture and prevent it from drying out. If you are growing somewhere particularly dry, mist them about twice as much and be sure to mist under the flaps heavily (6-7 pumps per flap) at least once a day.


If you are growing Lion's Mane mushrooms, discontinue directly misting your mushroom from this point on. Instead mist from a distance of about 3 feet. Lions Mane mushrooms do not like to be directly misted. It is best to create more of a humidity effect by misting from further away. Do not soak the Lion's Mane mushroom with the misting bottle or it will yellow/brown. The oyster varieties can take more "wetness" but they should not be totally soaked either.


The humidity tent is only for the “pinning” process. Once your baby mushrooms have formed, take down the tent and cardboard flaps as soon as possible or your mushrooms will be suffocated.Its best to err on the side of too early rather than too late. Mushrooms breathe In oxygen like we do, so they need lots of fresh air In this stage to form properly.