Lion's Mane Grow Instructions and FAQ

This newest iteration of the Nearby Naturals grow kit is grown a bit differently than the last, so please follow along carefully for best results.

The setup will be the same for all varieties, but there are some differences in care toward the middle and end of the process. Be sure to view the tutorial for the specific variety you are growing. 

Frequently asked questions

The kits are quite large and very well supplemented so you can get 3-4 with proper care. The harvests get smaller each time.

After it seems “spent”, there’s still plenty of mushroom potential in there. You can bury it outside for sporadic flushes (if the temperature is right). You can also break I up and add it to some prepared wood chips to potentially scale your grow. While neither of these methods are guaranteed to work (since temperature and humidity cant be controlled) they tend to work wonders!

If you've cut open the kit more than two weeks ago and you're not seeing any growth, your kit needs some encouragement.

Open up the top seam of the bag and pour about a cup of water over the block and let it soak in.

Close up the bag, fold the excess bag tightly around the block and store the whole block in the refrigerator for 48 hours.

Remove the block and continue on with the instructions where you left off.

Likely nothing is wrong with your block.

Keep in mind that mushrooms are fungi and the mycelium DOES look like mold.

Each variety of mycelium will look different. Lions mane has particularly wispy mycelium whereas blue oyster has strong, bright white mycelium.

The mycelium that develops on the outside of the block can also become bruised which can lead to dark green/red-orange, or brown hues. This wont affect your grow.

Now, if you see a very defined patch of what I clearly not the correct fungus (I. green bread mold, black mold, etc.) shoot us an email and we can instruct you on getting a replacement.

If your substrate block arrives I a couple pieces, or with a few fissures, no need to worry, mycelium self-heals.

Smoosh it back together by tightening the bag around the block. Place it back in the box sideways and let it sit for 2 days before proceeding with the instructions.

Growing Lion's Mane