Growing tasty mushrooms at home has never been easier...

Over 30,000 successful kits sold!

Everything you need is included

  • Large bag of live mushroom mycelium

  •  Misting bottle 

  • Video demos and written instructions 

  • Humidity barrier 

  • 7 days-a-week customer service

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How does it work?

  • Inside the box is a bag of live mushroom mycelium that has grown all throughout a supplemented wood mixture. If you don't plan to use it right away you can refrigerate it for up to 2 weeks.

  • Simply cut a hole in the bag, keep the hole moist (with the help of the included humidity barrier and misting bottle), and wait for the mushrooms to grow!

    In 10-20 days you'll be harvesting large clusters of delicious, healthy mushrooms. 

  • Once you've harvested, just put the humidity barrier back up, continue misting, and wait for your next harvest of mushrooms. Each variety is different, but 2-6 harvests

    (totaling 2-4 lbs.) is normal for one kit. Once it is "spent" bury it In your backyard and keep it moist for some additional harvests or mix it up with some wood chips or straw to spawn a larger grow! (message us for help with this)

  • Creating the grow bags is a 6-week process involving sterile technique, pressurized heating equipment, culture maintenance, and biological timing. These kits help you skip these steps to become a mushroom farmer overnight. All of the messy and/or difficult stuff has been done for you!