Guarantee/Return/Refund/Food Safety Policy

Nearby Naturals offers a first grow guarantee on all grow kits!
The grow kits are a live product, so specific considerations are in effect.
We take great care to ensure the live and viable arrival of your grow kit, including 3-6 weeks of incubation and cold-shocking. It is imperative that this process is not negated by negligence of the user. Compare the receiving of your grow kit to receiving a live plant in the mail.
The following conditions apply/must be met/maintained.
If you are unable to meet these conditions, please reach out to cancel your order within 24 hours of receiving confirmation.



-Nearby Naturals is not responsible for replacing or refunding packages shipped to an invalid/incorrect address, rejected by PO box, rescheduled, redirected by customer, or otherwise compromised by customer choice or error.

-We do not accept returns or exchanges, so be sure that your order is correct

-Return to sender packages will likely be dead on arrival at our facility and cannot be sent again

-Double and triple check that your address is correct, can accept mail/packages, and that someone will be there to receive the package and begin the growing process within a reasonable time after delivery. If not, please contact us to update your address and/or cancel your order within 24 hours of confirmation. 



-Your grow kit is guaranteed to arrive alive and viable with our first grow guarantee. The grow kit is guaranteed to grow at least one cluster of mushrooms, after that point it is deemed viable and up to customer care to make the most of the potential yield.

-Should the customer decide to “do it their own way”, stray from the instructions, keep in conditions not suggested by the instructions, or otherwise fail to care for their mushroom grow kit as instructed, the guarantee is voided. This includes but is not limited to: allowing the package to sit exposed to outdoor conditions for hours before bringing it inside, removing the grow bag from the grow-block at any time, misting with anything other than water, keeping in direct sunlight, not removing the humidity tent on time (and suffocating the mushrooms), directly misting lions mane, abandoning the grow kit, keeping in a self built humidity chamber, allowing pets access to the kit, not using within the time allotted on the side of the box, etc. Carefully follow the printed instructions provided in the kit. 


If you believe your grow kit has been compromised in transit, has arrived damaged, or otherwise in need of replacement, contact us within 30 days of receiving. Photos of the grow kit(s) and info about how it has been kept are required for replacement/refund consideration.



Health and Safety

It is important to harvest your mushrooms before sporulation. Spores can cause mild respiratory irritation in some people. For best flavor, shelf life and appearance make sure you harvest before full maturity. View our product photos for an example of proper harvest time, or shoot us an email if you're not sure! It is better to err on the side of "too early" rather than "too late".

We are not liable if you choose to ignore this advice. 

All Mushrooms should be cooked before eating! (this includes store-bought mushrooms). Mushrooms contain chitin which is not easily digestible and can cause stomach upset or worse depending on the person.

As with any perishable food, these mushrooms should be stored properly. Keep under refrigeration after harvest and do not consume rotten mushrooms. We are not liable for any food borne illnesses associated with improper treatment of our products.