Harvesting on time is important for the quality of your cluster.  Overgrown mushrooms wont be as tasty!
Mushrooms are not plants and cannot be kept on display and trimmed to use as needed. The whole cluster of mushrooms should be harvested at once.

How to harvest

To harvest your mushrooms, simply grab the whole cluster, rock it back and forth, twist, and pull. 
Since the mushrooms form on top of the substrate and not from within, there wont be much of a root that comes out with the base of the mushroom. Some varieties such as pink oysters might need a bit of a tug in order to harvest. If you need to use a knife that is ok as well, just remove the leftover mushroom material before starting your next growth!

To store: Place the whole cluster into a paper bag or wrap in paper towels to store in the refrigerator. Do not store in plastic. Only store in breathable materials.

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