Pioppino Mushroom Jumbo Grow Kit Instructions



Pioppino Grow Kit

There will already be a cut in the top of the grow bag when you receive it.

This cut allows the air out of the bag so we can pack it, and allows in a little fresh air to trigger fruiting.


  • Fruiting temperature— 60-78 degrees
  • Cut a small slit, about an inch, in the top of the bag as shown.
  • Put it aside within the proper temperature range and wait!
  • Within 2 weeks, baby mushrooms will form on the top surface of the substrate block.
  • Once the mushrooms are about an inch tall, open up the top seam of the bag and roll down the bag into a sort of “collar” as shown in the video. This will protect the mushrooms from any breeze or draft and make them reach up for height and ultimately better yield.
  • At this point you should be misting 3-5 times a day, about 5-10 pumps of the misting bottle (more if you are in a particularly dry climate) Be sure not to completely soak the mushrooms, you want to create more of a humidity effect, not actually “water them”. Spraying the inside of the collar of the bag works well for this.
  • When the mushrooms have reached their final size, the caps will begin to flatten and the membrane (veil) underneath the cap (covering the gills) will break. When you see the first veil break, they’re good to harvest!
  • To harvest, just pull them right off the block as a whole cluster.
  • Scrape off any leftover mushroom material, mist heavily, unroll the collar of your bag, tape it shut, and wait for the next harvest!
  • This variety will typically produce a second and third harvest, however, the yields on the first one are usually enough to satisfy a grower and many friends!


Happy Growing!