Reishi Mushroom Jumbo Grow Kit Instructions

Reishi Grow Kit

Possibly the easiest mushroom to grow!

  • This mushroom prefers warmer temperatures— 70-85 is ideal
  • Cut a small slit, about an inch, in the top of the bag as shown.
  • Put it aside within the proper temperature range and wait!
  • Keep your Reishi growing inside the bag as pictured for “antler” growth, they will reach toward the fresh air coming in the small hole.
  • No misting or daily upkeep is required.
  • The mushrooms can take up to 3-4 months to reach near the top of the bag. They are ready to harvest when the white tips of the antlers begin to shrink. 
  • As you can see, the mushrooms are growing off to one side, this is because they like to follow the light source.
  • You can experiment with “scultping” the reishi by moving its light source or rotating the kit every once in a while. You can achieve some cool zig zag patterns this way.
  • To harvest, just cut the antlers at the base. Use a sharp knife and some caution because they can be fairly tough to cut!
  • Once you’ve harvested your kit, bury it in your backyard in a shady area to get another harvest or two!
  • We like to make a strong tea from the Reishi and then freeze it in an ice cube tray. We’ll then add those cubes to out smoothies, tea, coffee, etc throughout the month.
-Make Reishi art-
  • Experiment with the direction of light and cutting small holes in the bag. The mushrooms will follow the light and fresh air. Once you’ve achieved the desired size and shape, simply remove the whole bag and allow the entire block and mushroom sculpture to dry out. Now you’ve got a super cool centerpiece for your coffee table.

Happy Growing!