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Dried Black Trumpet Mushrooms

Craterellus cornucopioides, or Black Trumpet mushrooms, are cousins of the chanterelle. These small, delicate mushrooms are hard to find not only because of their size, but also their almost black coloring which camouflages them amongst the leaf litter on the forrest floor.

Black Trumpets are also known as the poor man’s truffle for their incredible flavor and ability to mimic truffle shavings when thinly sliced. They are rich, buttery, and smokey with a hint of fruity sweetness. This mushroom is high in antioxidants (especially b-12) beta-glucans, and beneficial polysaccharides while being in calories.

Nearby Naturals dried Black Trumpet mushrooms are harvested and dried here in the USA and shipped to your door. Each package comes with harvest/traceability info such as the identifier's name, batch number, the season of harvest, and more. A 2 oz bag of dried mushrooms equals just under 1.5 lbs of fresh mushrooms (as harvested).

There are no preservatives or additional ingredients, just 100% mushrooms.

Just soak your Black Trumpets in warm water to reconstitute. (We recommend that you save the water -  it retains a good amount of the Black Trumpet's flavor, and makes a great stock for soups. Just be sure to strain it through some cheesecloth or a paper towel first. This liquid should be cooked thoroughly just as the mushrooms should.) They can be sauteed and eaten on their own or as a welcome ingredient in a number of dishes.