Gold Oyster Grow Kit

First grow guaranteed on all beginner kits!

Grow your own Gold Oyster mushrooms. Mist and harvest!

(Yields 2-4 Lbs)

Enjoy amazingly fresh mushrooms at your home. A very simple process that will most likely turn into your new favorite hobby!

Gold oyster (Yellow oyster, Pleurotus citrinopileatus)

Flavor/texture: Delicate, Floral, unique "umami" aroma that’s hard to describe

True showstoppers. This Hi-Vis fungus is always entertaining. It can be quite surprising, popping up out of nowhere overnight and it has a unique way of “pinning”(baby mushroom formation) in marshmallow-like clouds of primordia.

In the kitchen they can be used to elevate many recipes calling for common button mushrooms, shiitake, etc. They also make an excellent meat replacement. They pull apart much like meat to make a delectable meatless BBQ sandwich!

This variety offers more vigorous colonization, making it suitable for year-round cultivation.