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Grow Kit Of The Month

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Delivery Frequency

Every delivery brings a fun and delicious new variety! 

You choose how many per month, we'll do the rest.

We switch the variety each month to keep it interesting. Also included in this option will be some unreleased varieties not offered on our website! 

You can cancel, skip, pause, or change the variety included in your shipments at any time. You have full control of your fungal destiny through our customer portal. A link to log-in to the portal will be sent to your email address after purchase and you can log in from the site's main menu. 

2021 Grow Kit of the Month Schedule 
Remember you can switch out for a different variety if you choose, just edit your order in advance. 

January: Enoki (new!)

February: Lion's Mane 

March: Pioppino

April: Blue Oyster

May: Phoenix (new!)

June: Gold Oyster

July: Pink Oyster

August: Coral Tooth (new!)


October: Lion's Mane

November:Chestnut (new!)

December:Black Pearl King (new!)

(2022 Varieties will be announced in September! Enoki, Beech/Shimeji, and King Trumpet have been mentioned so far😊)

Our Grow Kit of the Month subscription program ($46.82 per month includes shipping) is the best and most affordable way to take a tour through the many delicious varieties of mushrooms we offer. Each month we feature a seasonally appropriate variety that will grow multiple harvests of really cool lookin' fungi. These kits are also 100% guaranteed to grow, just follow the instructions 😊

So far this model seems to be a huge hit and we're excited for many reasons. 

1. These mushroom kits are not easy to make. Its a 6-12 week process (depending on variety) and then they must be sold within a week to avoid unwanted growth within the kit. The subscription model allows us to almost totally eliminate waste and focus our resources on continuing to provide the best quality available. 

2. We get to choose your variety! When potential new growers visit our website, they are typically tempted to choose the varieties that they are familiar with (shiitake and oyster). While these varieties are wonderful, there are many more that we know you'll love, perhaps even more than the ol' reliables. Us choosing your fungal fate adds a certain spice to the process that we hope you'll enjoy. Plus, we choose the varieties based on the time of year to ensure your mushrooms grow well.

3. Trust. We're flattered that ya'll give us the approval to enter recurring purchases on your behalf. In return we make it extremely easy to cancel, change, pause, or skip your orders as often as you'd like. Pro-tip if you would prefer a different variety, you can switch out the default Grow kit of the Month for whichever variety you would like --and retain your discount!

We'd love for you to take a tour of Kingdom Fungi with us.
Happy Growing!