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The world's freshest fungi.

Bring the farm to your table. Easily grow your own mushrooms right on your countertop or shelf. Join the Grow Kit of the Month club and become "the mushroom person" in your group of friends!


  • Blue Oyster

    A fast and vigorous grower. Try shredding them and adding to a stir fry.

  • Pioppino

    Explosive flushes. Great hearty flavor and beautiful aesthetic on the plate.

  • Lion's Mane

    Our staff favorite! Delicious as a meat replacement, deep fried, and in pastas.


You'll receive a monthly shipment/rotation of three amazingly delicious gourmet varieties.
Pioppino, Blue Oyster, and Lion's Mane.

Please allow 10-20 days for your first shipment to leave the facility, then you'll receive them around the same time every month moving forward. 

Free shipping offers do not apply to subscriptions.

You can cancel your shipments at any time. You have full control of your fungal destiny through our customer portal. A link to log-in to the portal will be sent to your email address after purchase and you can log in from the site's main menu.  

If you order the Grow Kit of the Month subscription option, we will do our best to provide a rotation of the 3 varieties we offer (pioppino, blue oyster, and lions mane), however, this is not guaranteed. Due to the lengethy production process and short shelf life of the grow kits, we will send whichever kits we have freshest in stock at the time of fulfillment. This may not reflect the actual grow kit of the month.

This is a great option if you love them all. If you are looking for a specific variety, please head here to see if we have any of them available.

If the product is currently marked "sold out", check back soon! We will have additional available spots every week.

The growing process is simple. Just cut a hole in the bag, remove any air that may be inside the bag, mist the hole thoroughly, and continue misting 2-3 times per day until you're ready to harvest!

It takes roughly 10 days from start to finish, then you can start over again using the same block.

Using a Nearby Naturals mushroom kit is as easy as mushroom growing can be. All of the sterile work, incubation, and heavy lifting has been done for you.

Simply cut a hole, mist regularly (using the provided misting bottle) and harvest them when they're ready.

It takes approximately 10 days to harvest. Sometimes as quick as 5 days, rarely longer than 2 weeks.


The size:
Our kits are 10+ lbs. of substrate compared to a measly 2-3 lbs. In the store-bought kits. More substrate = more mushrooms.

The supplementation:
Other grow kit companies will often undersupplement their kits for shelf life purposes. This results in longer shelf life for the kit, but lower yields for the customer.
Our kits are supplemented to the max with bean hulls which makes for insane clusters--bigger than your head. This also means that they cant be sold in stores or stored for later use.

The varieties and strains that we offer are the result of rigorous lab testing and years of research and selection. The mycologists we work with are absurdly talented, hard-working, and picky about the strain quality. We're beyond honored to offer such amazing genetics.

Continued use:
As mentioned, these kits carry much much more mushroom potential than other kits on the market. Once you've harvested a couple of times from your kit, you can move it outside and bury it, compost it, or mix it with more substrate to continue your grow. These harvests are less reliable but some of our customers report harvesting for up to 8 months after they thought their kit was finished!

If you're leaving your mushroom babies for longer than a day or two, just harvest any mushrooms that are currently growing and pop the kit(s) In the refrigerator until you're back, they wont miss you at all!

You can also cancel your subscription at any time If you'll be unable to care for them for an extended period. You can restart it when you return!

Over our history of both wholesale mushroom farming and providing mushroom grow kits, these 3 varieties have proven themselves to be the tastiest, easiest to grow, and most varied trio.

We only carry these 3 for that reason. Other varieties are possible but not ideal in our experience.

Varieties such as morel, porcini, and lobster mushrooms cannot be cultivated reliably.