Pink Oyster Grow Kit

First grow guaranteed on all beginner grow kits!

Grow your own Pink Oyster mushrooms. Mist and harvest!

(Yields 2-4 Lbs)

Enjoy amazingly fresh mushrooms at your home. A very simple process that will most likely turn into your new favorite hobby!

Pink Oyster (Pleurotus djamor)

Flavor/texture: Hearty, meaty, aromatic

Oyster mushroom varieties are the highest yielding strain available and yield some seriously cool looking clusters. 

In the kitchen they can be used to elevate many recipes calling for common button mushrooms, shiitake, etc. Chop them up and they become an excellent replacement for bacon bits. Use them for depth in flavor and texture for your favorite fall soups, pasta dishes, and more. Pink oysters typically take on flavors of accompanying ingredients, making them incredible versatile for home chefs!

This variety offers more vigorous colonization, making it suitable for year-round cultivation. Be sure to cook them soon after harvest- these pink beauties are best consumed fresh!

These mushroom grow kits are just as much of a culinary/agricultural adventure as they are a science project. Growing mushrooms for the first time is an incredible experience. Watching them double in size overnight is such an amazing feeling!