Pioppino Jumbo Kit
Pioppino Jumbo Kit
Pioppino Jumbo Kit

Pioppino Jumbo Kit

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Grow your own Pioppino mushroom kits. Mist and harvest.

Spray bottle and digital/video instructions included.

Before ordering, please be sure you can keep this grow kit between 55 and 75 degrees throughout the life of the kit.

(Yields 2-4 Lbs)

Enjoy amazingly fresh mushrooms at your home. A very simple process that will most likely turn into your new favorite hobby!

Pioppino (Brown Swordbelt, Poplar Mushroom, Agrocybe aegerita

Flavor/Texture: mild, nutty, velvety, firm

A mushroom of many names, Pioppini are a velvety, decadent addition to many dishes. Use as a side, a substitute for the common button mushroom, or incorporate into your favorite risotto and meat recipes to reach new depth in flavor. This mushroom is widely used as an ingredient in southern Europe and Asia, and can now be enjoyed fresh from your home!

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