Reishi Grow Kit
Reishi Grow Kit
Reishi Grow Kit

Reishi Grow Kit

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First grow guaranteed on all kits!

Reishi Mushroom Grow Kit! 

This variety requires no misting or upkeep. No misting bottle or humidity tent is necessary or included with this variety. 

This mushroom prefers warmer temperatures-- 70-85 is ideal.

Over the course of 8-12 weeks you"ll see your Reishi twist and turn and go wild within the bag.

This variety grows quite a bit slower than the other varieties we offer.

Once you’ve harvested your kit, bury it in your backyard in a shady area to get another harvest or two!

These crazy looking, red/brown/white mushrooms are sought after for their medicinal qualities to treat a long list of ailments. 

This mushroom is among the most commonly studied medicinal fungi, especially in certain regions in Asia where it has has long been praised for its immune boosting, anti inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antiviral, and mild muscle relaxant abilities.

To prepare: Break into smaller bits (the more surface area the better) and steep for 2-3 hours into a strong mushroom tea. Certainly there are more creative ways to utilize this mushroom, and we’d love to hear your methods!

Make Reishi art! Keep your Reishi growing inside the bag as pictured for “antler” growth. Opening the bag and allowing the mushrooms to breathe will result in “conk” formation. Experiment with the direction of light and cutting small holes in the bag. The mushrooms will follow the light and fresh air. Once you’ve achieved the desired size and shape, simply remove the whole bag and allow the entire block and mushroom sculpture to dry out. Now you’ve got a super cool centerpiece for your coffee table!

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