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Forager Box

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Two varieties of delicious gourmet mushrooms and a mushroomy sample of something special.

We provide our resident chefs' favorite matching recipes so you can follow along to cook up impressive, hearty, shroomful meals with the best dried mushrooms the USA has to offer. The Forager Box is a fun way to explore new ingredients!

Forager boxes ship all at once before the 10th of each month (whether you choose to get one box or subscribe to receive it monthly). The cutoff date for the September box is September 1st! 

Want to keep your pantry stocked with flavorful, USA harvested mushrooms? Let our certified domestic foragers and skilled farmers do the picking! We’ll send you 2 varieties of dried wild mushrooms (2oz each), matching recipes, and an extra mushroomy surprise of our choosing ($10+ value--typically a new/unreleased product)

4oz of mushrooms is equivalent to just under 2.5 lbs of mushrooms as picked. Some of these varieties sell for upwards of $40/fresh pound!

Store bought dried mushrooms are mysterious. You’ll often see “gourmet blends” that contain mushrooms from different ends of the earth, possibly harvested as far as a year apart, and sold for cheap.

If you’re looking to get a couple steps closer to the origin of your food, you’re in the right place. Included with each bag is a “harvest card” that has information on where the mushrooms were harvested, when, and by who.

All of our mushrooms are harvested during the current season. Drying mushrooms concentrates the flavor, and rehydrating them is easy.

Dried mushrooms are perhaps the most underrated culinary ingredient. You’ll be surprised with how versatile dried mushrooms can be, and our recipes will help you along the way!

Contents of the Box
The mushrooms included in the box will be decided based on what our partners can find throughout the month leading up to the shipment. We can make our best guesses based on seasonality of the species and last years hauls. If it is particularly dry or the wild mushrooms are otherwise having a bad month, one of the species will be replaced with a top quality cultivated variety such as Chestnut, Pioppino, Lion’s Mane, or Nameko grown in North Florida.

We predict the next few boxes to contain the following, but as mentioned contents are subject to change without notice:

August: Black Trumpet, Lobster (+4g whole Cordyceps)
September: Matsutake, Pioppino (+1oz Chaga Herbal Coffee)
October: , Chicken of the Woods (+1oz Lion's Mane Chai Tea)
November: Hen of the Woods, Yellowfoot Chanterelle (+6oz Truffle Mustard)
December: Wood Ear, Chestnut (+4oz Shiitake “Everything” Seasoning)
2022 TBA