Three Oyster Bundle

 Enjoy a discount on a bundle of three of our most popular varieties!

-Pink Oyster

-Blue Oyster 

-Gold Oyster

Just Cut, Mist, and Harvest.

We designed this kit with the beginner home-grower in mind. Everything you need is included, no special equipment or prior knowledge is necessary. Enjoy the freshest fungi on earth in as little as 6 days!

Contents of the kits

  • Cardboard boxes (for shipping and growing)
  • Humidity barriers
  • Organic Myceliated substrate block inside of a biodegradable grow bags
  • Blackout Faceplates
  • Spray bottles
  • Instruction sheets

The Grow kits are made in Florida using USDA certified organic ingredients.

No animal products, no agricultural imports— directly supports domestic farmers!

Growing your own mushrooms, as opposed to buying them at the store, helps cut down on industry waste and offers a fresher, cleaner, greener way to enjoy unique varieties of mushrooms year round.