Dried Ugly Morel Mushrooms

An Ugly Morel mushroom has the same great, unique taste as a "perfect" Morel mushroom, typically harvested in the same batch. The only difference is that these mushrooms may be broken or otherwise misshapen. 

These ugly mushrooms don't have the photogenic looks of regular Morels, but that doesn't affect their taste in the least--and they don't cost as much as their more attractive counterparts.

Morel mushrooms are America's most loved variety of wild mushrooms. Because they can't be reliably cultivated and only grow for a short period of the year, Morels are a rare, welcome treat for mushroom lovers. 

You can enjoy the Morel's deep, earthy, bold flavor anytime you want with Nearby Naturals dried Ugly Morel mushrooms. 

There are no preservatives or additional ingredients, just 100% mushrooms.

Nearby Natural's dried ugly morel mushrooms are harvested and dried here in the USA and shipped to your door. Each package comes with harvest/traceability info such as the identifier's name, batch number, the season of harvest, and more. A 2 oz bag of dried ugly Morels equals just under 1.5 lbs of fresh mushrooms (as harvested).

Just soak your ugly morels in warm water to reconstitute. (Save the water -  it retains a good amount of the morel's flavor, and makes a great soup stock.) They can be eaten on their own or as a welcome ingredient in a number of dishes.