Ultra Mega Jumbo Bundle

Ultra Mega Jumbo Bundle

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Enjoy a discount on our 3 most popular jumbo kits.

Pioppino and King Oyster, and Shiitake mushrooms grown right on your countertop!

This bundle is 3 full-sized commercial grow blocks. 30 lbs. of live mushroom mycelium, ready to grow!

💦Spray bottle and video instructions included. Just add water!

🌿USDA certified organic

👌🏻Easy to grow for all ages

🍄Produces 6-10 lbs of tasty mushrooms

🇺🇸100% made in America, ships from America

Growing/Care: These three varieties love temperatures around 65 degrees. In a few simple steps, guided by the included video instructions, you'll have them all set up and "good to grow"!


Pioppini: are a velvety, decadent addition to many dishes. Use as a side, a substitute for the common button mushroom, or incorporate into your favorite risotto and meat recipes to reach new depth in flavor. They have a nutty, hearty flavor reminiscent of chestnuts- especially when cooked in butter. Despite their delicate appearance, these mushrooms can maintain their wonderful, almost crunchy texture even in long-cooked meals such as stews. This is a chef favorite! 

Kings: are a meaty, fragrant mushroom commonly used in asian dishes. It is a type of oyster mushroom, as some of its common names suggest, however it has a much much chubbier stem. The stem is tender yet firm and the most desirable part of the mushroom due to its versatile shape and texture. This mushroom has recently been gaining in popularity as a meat substitute. Slice it into thick medallions to make a faux scallop, or shred it with 2 forks to make a faux pulled pork. It absorbs spices and sauces really well, its great addition to your next grill-out.

Shiitake:  One of the most commonly consumed mushrooms in the world, and for good reason. Their hearty flavors are typically found in Asian cooking, but over the past 15 years have made their way into mainstream global cuisine. Pan roast them whole or sliced with garlic and salt for a super easy side dish; or get more creative and add the roasted mushrooms to soups, stir frys, sandwiches, salads, tacos, or really whatever you want!