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Fungi Forever

Our goal is to familiarize people all over the country with the many delicious species of mushrooms cultivated and wild harvested here in the USA.

How It Works

cut a 2-3 inch X

Open the box, remove the plastic sheeting and instructions, fold excess plastic under the grow block. (It doesn’t matter which side is up, the mushrooms will follow the fresh air) Place grow block snugly back into the box, cut a 2-3 inch X in the middle.

secure the flaps

With 4 pieces of tape secure the flaps of the box upward to create the walls of the humidity tent.  Mist the substrate beneath the X and the plastic around the X. Secure the plastic sheeting over top of the cardboard to finish the tent.

Mist Daily

Mist inside of the tent 2-3 times a day to create a perfectly humid environment for the mushrooms thrive. Wait until your mushrooms have reached about 2 inches tall, disassemble the humidity tent to allow the mushrooms to breathe some fresh air.

Harvest, slice and cook!

Don’t blink! Your mushrooms will grow very quickly over the next 3 or 4 days. Harvest, slice and cook!


Soraya Fernandez-Hazoury

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